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BDF Speakers for your Law or Medical School

With decades of experience in constitutional litigation and strategic legislative drafting regarding bioethics and human life issues, BDF attorneys Nikolas T. Nikas and Dorinda C. Bordlee are sought-after speakers for their ability to effectively communicate the life-affirming position on complex … Continue reading

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Three-Parent Embryos: Reproductive Human Cloning to Produce Genetically Modified Babies

3Parent-BDFBioethicsBriefingFINAL – Combined Legal Briefing and Science White Paper 3Parent-CondicWhitePaper – White Paper by Maureen L. Condic, PhD with illustrations 3Parent-BDF2Pager – 2 page summary February 19, 2015. Bioethics Defense Fund attorneys Nikolas T. Nikas and Dorinda C. Bordlee have … Continue reading

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Groups Urge Supreme Court to Reject Constitutional Protection of Disability-Selective Abortion

October 30, 2013. Washington, D.C. Today, lead counsel Bioethics Defense Fund filed a “friend of the court” brief making a novel legal argument addressing disability-selective abortion. The amicus brief was filed on behalf of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation USA, Saving … Continue reading

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The New Sexual Predators: Egg Brokers

In Public Discourse, Alana Newman, founder of The Anonymous Us Project, writes about new groups of people who wish to take advantage of young, fertile women — those who want to use their eggs and wombs. So now, young women … Continue reading

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BDF Down Under

BDF attorneys Nikolas Nikas and Dorinda Bordlee are headed Down Under to strategize with parliamentarians, physicians, lawyers, and pro-life organizations in seven cities in Australia and New Zealand over two weeks. They will be sharing strategic legal initiatives that can … Continue reading

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Obamacare Ruling Effectively Imposes a Tax on Pro-Life Conscience

June 28, 2012. Washington, D.C. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court majority upheld the Obamacare law in its entirety under the unexpected reasoning that the "penalty" imposed on citizens who do not buy approved insurance is a "tax", and thus legitimate … Continue reading

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World Congress of Families

BDF’s Nikas (with Babette Francis of Austrailia’s Endeavor Forum) at the World Congress of Families, which opened in Madrid, Spain on Friday. The World Congress of Families met “against the backdrop of Europe’s perilously low fertility and population decline which … Continue reading

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Top 11 BDF Pro-Life Legal Initiatives of 2011

BDF attorneys Nikolas Nikas and Dorinda Bordlee sincerely thank the countless unsung heroes across the nation who dedicate their lives and support to the pro-life movement’s common mission of putting law in the service of life. We invite you to … Continue reading

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Kathryn Jean Lopez Receives the 2011 Bioethics Defense Fund Witness for Life Award

Roe on the Edge of 40: The Best of Times and the Worst of TimesRemarks by Kathryn Jean Lopez upon receiving the BDF Witness for Life Award November 18, 2011, Scottsdale, AZ — If I had to give my remarks … Continue reading

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Medicine in the Service of Life: From the Vatican to Princeton

The Hannan Institute for Human Rights in Science, formed at the request of the heroic Archbishop Philip Hannan, is BDF’s educational project in medical and law schools. Here are highlights of just a few of our recent Hannan Institute presentations: … Continue reading

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