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Columbia: Human Cloning/Embryonic Stem Cells

On November 2, 2009, BDF President and General Counsel Nikolas T. Nikas engaged in a debate with the director of Columbia University’s Center for Bioethics, John D. Loike, Ph.D. The debate addressed the issue of law and morality regarding human cloning and destructive human embryo research.Sponsored by the Columbia Law School chapter of the Federalist Society, Nikas presented rational arguments for the moral status of the human embryo, and for legal protection against using human beings as raw material for science experiments.

In addition to the pragmatic fact that only ethical adult stem cell research has resulted in any human therapies or cures, Nikas brought the power of principled argument to this Ivy League school — advocating for the dignity and equal protection due to each individual human being under the law.

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