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Mayo Clinic: Conscience Rights

Nik Nikas, president and CEO of the Bioethics Defense Fund, delivers the keynote address at a Fortnight for Freedom luncheon. (Billy Hardiman/CATHOLIC SUN)

BDF President Nikolas T. Nikas continues to influence future leaders with debates and presentations at prestigious law schools that rarely hear a rational argument for the protection of human life. In February 2010, Nik addressed abortion, cloning, and healthcare rights of conscience at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and the University of the Pacific. The week before, Nik had educated physician members of the Catholic Medical Guild and the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis.

Over the next few months, Nik will address law students at Rutgers in New Jersey, Gonzaga in Washington state, and ASU in Arizona.

This session, Nik will be educating Arizona legislators regarding two bills that BDF lawyers assisted in drafting regarding a ban on the cloning of human embryos for use in science experiments, as well as on exploiting young women who are tempted with thousands of dollars to undergo egg harvesting procedures that require dangerously high doses of hormones.

BDF senior counsel Dorinda Bordlee is assisting several states in pending legislation, including a ban on paid egg harvesting, and a human-animal hybrid ban in Oklahoma, and an ultrasound requirement in Louisiana to name just a few.

Get cite to Nikas NCBQ article on healthcare conscience rights here.

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