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    Constitutional Expertise
Bioethics Legal Challenges & Related Free Speech and Conscience Cases

BDF lawyers are experienced litigators available to file amicus briefs in support of federal or state governments or to provide pro-bono legal consultation and strategy to Attorneys General. We have experience preparing AGs for oral argument, and in consult on brief writing in this highly specialized area of bioethics law.

Our extensive experience in litigating constitutional challenges includes cases involving:

  • Informed consent for abortion
  • Abortion-Breast Cancer Warnings
  • Parental Consent & Notification
  • Abortion Clinic Regulations
  • Partial-birth Abortion Bans
  • Human Cloning Ballot Initiatives
  • Physician-Assisted Suicide Ballot Initiatives
  • Healthcare Rights of Conscience
  • First Amendment rights of sidewalk counselors or of judicial candidates whose political message expresses a respect for human life

We are experienced in accepting appointments as Special Assistant Attorney General in cases that involve the specialized areas of constitutional law in the context of the life issues.

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