Louisiana: Number 1, Six Years Running, with BDF Model Bills

By BDF-Admin January 14, 2015 11:56
Louisiana: Number 1, Six Years Running, with BDF Model Bills

BDF congratulates Louisiana for being ranked number 1, and Arizona for being ranked number 4. Read on to learn about unique life-protective bills that BDF is ready to consult on for your state.

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January 14, 2015. For the sixth year in a row, Louisiana has been ranked as number one in the nation on the AUL “Life List” for enacting laws that protect unborn children and women’s health from the practices of the abortion industry.

Last year alone, Bioethics Defense Fund (BDF), a public interest legal and educational organization, was consulted to craft the following cutting-edge model bills by Louisiana legislators:

(1) ban on abortion providers (like Planned Parenthood) giving instruction in public and charter schools (La. Rep. Frank Hoffmann);
(2) Point of Rescue task force for sex trafficking victims brought into abortion clinics(La. Rep. Barry Ivey),
(3) Disability rights protection in state materials on Down syndrome prenatal diagnosis by prohibiting the discriminatory suggestion of “termination;” (La. Rep. Joe Harrison), and
(4) women’s health protection requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges to provide care when complications occur (La. Rep. Katrina Jackson) (pending in federal court).

So, what’s the Louisiana’s secret? Dorinda Bordlee, chief counsel of Bioethics Defense Fund, says there is no secret. ”The success of Louisiana is based on it’s generous and loving people, their elected officials, and a collaborative coalition of policy leaders who listen to the voices of post-abortive women.”

A New Orleans native, Dorinda recognizes that “the legal counsel and creative model legislation drafted by Bioethics Defense Fund would not be effective without the leadership of Louisiana Right to Life, the Louisiana Family Forum, the Louisiana Catholic Conference, Louisiana Abortion Recovery, and the people across the state who value the dignity of women and children.” BDF also educates and consults with policy groups in other states, and with parlimentarians around the world.

Bordlee emphasizes, “the administration of Governor Bobby Jindal, and an overwhelming bipartisan coalition of Louisiana legislators lead the way in showing how to effectively debunk the destructive myth that abortion is healthcare.”

BDF understands that “Abortion is violence against women and children,” as often stated by Cindy Collins of La. Abortion Recovery to legislative committee members. And as highlighted in an effective public education campaign led by Ben Clapper, “Louisiana needs peace; not more abortion.”

BDF’s small role is to respond to requests for unique model laws and education in legislative and academic arenas, and to provide strategic legal counsel when pro-life laws are challenged in court.

“BDF’s mission is to put law in the service of life, addressing practices such as abortion, reproductive trafficking, destructive human embryo experimentation and end of life/denial of care. BDF congratulates Governor Bobby Jindal and the legislators of Louisiana whose leadership have earned the first place pro-life ranking for the sixth year in a row,” said Bordlee.

BDF provides legal counsel and education to policy leaders around the nation and abroad. Other states interested in adopting the winning model legislation enacted in Louisiana can consult with BDF free of charge.

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By BDF-Admin January 14, 2015 11:56