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Men and Abortion

Men and Abortion

Not Just a Woman’s Issue
The Negative Impact of Abortion on MEN

His father was a 14-year-old violinist who was forced to play music for the Nazi soldiers who marched his family to their death in the gas chambers. His father later found safety in New York City, yet named his Jewish child “Christoper Joseph” to protect him from another Holocaust.

Thus begins the story of Chris Aubert, a successful lawyer, husband, father of five, and exceptional speaker who courageously shares a compelling, tragic, yet enlightening story of his participation during his twenties in what would later haunt him as his own holocaust experience: the abortion-induced death of two of his own unborn children.

It’s rarely discussed, but it profoundly affects millions of men. Post-abortion syndrome is not just a woman’s issue. Chris Aubert of the Fullness of Truth organization says it’s time to boldly break the silence, and for men to find healing and reconciliation with practical action steps. He unapologetically states that it’s time for men to stand up to their responsibility and privilege to act as protectors of women and children, rather than exploiters.

Contact Bioethics Defense Fund for information on ordering an audio CD of Chris’s talk entitled “Abortion: A Man’s Perspective,” or to inquire about Chris Aubert’s availability for speaking engagements. Chris’ one hour address has been given to audiences of over 1000 people, often to a standing ovation.

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