Law in the Service of Life

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BDF Passion for Life 2014 Benefit: Join Nikolas Nikas and Dorinda Bordlee for a celebration of BDF's cutting-edge legal work and enjoy a cocktail party and an inspiring address from Walter B. Hoye II, who will be given the 2014 Witness for Life Award for his heroic witness against the impact of the abortion industry on the African American Community and his leadership in his California billboard campaign.

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Actress Debra Messing showed her support of Planned Parenthood on Thursday when she tweeted a pictur [...]

A very sweet story in local paper in London, England, one that started out near disastrously and end [...]

Upon his arrival in Poland, Pope Francis immediately began by speaking in defense of the unborn, Zen [...]

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This morning Sen. Tim Kaine told CNN he supports the Hyde Amendment and his position has not changed [...]