Law in the Service of Life

Did You Know…?

Did you know that reversing Roe means the abortion issue will return to the States?

Fetal homicide is still a crime. Negligent homicide of an unborn child is still a crime. It's time that the principles of federalism and the democratic process apply to the violence of abortion as well. BDF's Dorinda Bordlee stated that "Abortion facilitates the sexual exploitation of women, coerced abortion, and the dismembering of human beings. Based on prior state laws, only the abortion provider would be subject to criminal penalties for profiting from the bodies of women and children."

As explained by BDF president and general counsel Nikolas T. Nikas, "If you want to see what a decision reversing will look like, then read the U.S. Supreme Court's 1997 decision in Washington v. Glucksberg, finding that physician assisted suicide is a matter for each state based on its 'unqualified interest in the preservation of human life.'"
Read Glucksberg here.


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